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Stop Smoking Easily in One Hour

Trained in the highly successful Rob Kelly method to help people stop smoking, Angus has helped many people become the Non-Smokers they craved to be, even where previous attempts at giving up have failed.

The method involves a one-hour session of which a good half is spent changing belief systems around the motivation to stop and become a Non-Smoker. A non smoker never thinks about smoking, never craves to smoke and never suffers from withdrawals symptoms. People who have attempted to give up smoking with the aid of patches, willpower and the like will always be ex-smokers desiring to smoke and susceptible to taking it up again. The Rob Kelly method transforms your belief system to that of someone who has never smoked. It’s truly amazing!

The remainder of the session is taken up with a delightfully relaxing session of suggestion therapy, which seals the deal!

When you are ready to stop and become a Non-Smoker just phone 07836 723736 to fix an appointment.